We help expand your business world

"Design, Campaign, Analyse, Optimise and Repeat"

We believe everything evolve through the customer experience and that we must experiment our way to success.

About us

"The aim of the game is to develop 100% virtual and online automated work flow businesses to accelerate

their path to growth. We win when our clients win."

Chris - General Manager of Husshed.

Our team is composed of very talented multidisciplinary experts that wear multiple hats working together to best service our the bespoke needs of our customers because everything we do surrounds our customer.


For this reason, we have designed two services:

1.  Anything web related, we can do it!

From a simple landing page to Full Stack bespoke platforms and e-commerce sites, we have even designed native apps.

2. Growth hacking

We start with implementing the fundamental data captures integrating your Customer Management Portal with the major providers such as Google Data Studio and advanced Analytic engines. Then we start creating the digital marketing strategy and experimentation whilst developing all the digital artwork. Afterwards, we launch your digital campaign, monitor everything and then iterate to achieve higher results to further grow your business by emphasising and enhancing the business objectives.

Meet the Team

Chris Panopoulos

General Manager

Chris has +15 experience in End 2 End (E2E) product development and business development in IoT, Energy, Manufacturing and developing products and SaaS offerings for global Tier 1 companies whilst being a lead mentor for a global accelerator.

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Sundar Iyer

Business Development Partner

Sundar has +20 experience in helping global businesses develop their offer relevance throughout APAC having worked in senior roles for the likes of HP, Nokia, Telstra and others. 

He is also GM of Emertel.com

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Arun Sri Nanthakumar

Project Manager

Arun has +15 years in developing Software (SaaS) offerings in telecom, retail, energy, music, digital libraries and incubation of products/services and knows what it takes to scale from a startup to a scaleup with a true passion and expertise in Blockchain applications.

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Md. Shamrat 

Software and Data engineer

Shamrat has +10 years and PhD in software engineer and data science. He has fantastic analytical skills and creative approach to developing databases. Proficient in the following Program languages:

  •  Python 

  • C++

  • Laravel

CMS Platforms:​

  • WIX

  • Wordpress

chris p.png


Software Engineer

Mark has +10 years experience in full-stack Web, Browser Extension, App and API development. He is reliable, timely, friendly and he is a great communicator. 

Program Languages:

  • Python

  • C++

  • Javascript

  • PHP

CMS Platforms:

  • WIX

  • Shopify


Customer Service, HR &

Admin Manager

Jess has +15 years experience in customer service and operations having worked for Tier 1 global Acoustic Fabric manufacturer Autex for a decade as Senior customer support manager.

She is proficient in Xero, experienced front of house and HR manager


CRM Platforms:

  • Salesforce

  • Zendesk

  • Quickbooks



Digital Marketing 

Katie has +15 years developing unique CX experiences and refining digital marketing strategies. She is a master communicator and a Growth Hacking Super star and has a passion for sustainability! Katie has tremendous experience working for the very best universities and was a Co Founder for 2021 cohort global utilities giant Engie Factory.

CRM Platforms:

  • Datastudio

  • MailChimp

  • Hubspot

  • Sender.net

  • Copywriting



Senior Graphic Designer

George has +20 years experience in Graphic Product Design and is truly a master at his craft having worked on iconic projects and for global companies he knows what it takes to design brand guidelines, logos, prepare files for web and apps to preparing print ready material from size A(x) to giant billboards even design for packaging, hard and soft copies and is an expert in printing techniques. 


  • Photoshop

  • Illustrator 

  • Indesign

  • Canva