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Use Case

Agora Lane is one of Europeans newest leading brand online resellers for consumer electronics, sports, beauty and baby brands. 


Within just 9 months of launching the site it achieved these astonishing results:


  • first $1,000 day within 2 months

  • first $10,000 month within 5 months

  • first $20,000 month within 7 months 

  • Average Order Value (AOV) 50% increase MoM

  • Product catalogue grew from 100 SKU's to over >40,000 SKU's

  • 0-9,000 social followers 

  • over 200 5 star reviews

  • Scaling through x7 Emarketplaces

Level Up final logo.png

Screenshots of results

Sales/Data from the website:


EU Amazon store: (E2E Integration):

Amazon sales 9.png
Amazon sales 1.png

Example of fullfiled orders

Example of verified payment disbursements from Amazon/Paypal

Amazon sales 7.png
Amazon sales 6.png
Amazon sales 5.png
Amazon sales 3.png
Amazon sales 4.png

Desire these kind of results

Level Up
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